Four Peaks track

This map in Station Hut shows the farm’s boundaries in black, and the routes taken by High Country Track walkers (green) and mountain-bike riders (orange). On Saturday, 30 March 2013, we walked south-east via Halfway Hut to Pleasant Gully Hut. On Sunday, 31 March, we hiked north to Sutherland’s Hut. On Monday, 1 April, we walked south-west to Devil’s Creek Hut; and on Tuesday, 2 April, we completed the Four Peaks High Country Track by heading west, back to Station Hut. The four peaks that give the Station its name are Devil’s, Fiery, Tripps, and Waihi Peaks, but only the first two fall within the boundaries of the farm. (Tripps and Waihi Peaks are near the right-hand edge of the picture.)