Climbing Mafadi

Having reached the Lesotho plateau, we could now see Mafadi (3,450 metres / 11,319 feet above sea-level), the highest mountain in South Africa. Itís the peak on the horizon thatís furthest to the left. On Mafadiís right, almost in the middle of the picture, is Injisuthi Dome (3,410 metres / 11,187 feet above sea-level and the second-highest mountain in South Africa). To the right of Injisuthi Dome is the Trojan Wall (3,354 metres / 11,004 feet) with its eastern edge a part of the dramatic Drakensberg escarpment. The South Africa / Lesotho border follows the east / west watershed, which basically runs along the far horizon in this photograph. As a result, all three peaks Ė Mafadi, Injisuthi Dome, and Trojan Wall Ė are in both South Africa and Lesotho.