Offa's Dyke Path

Day 1 (Wednesday, 16 September 2015) – Chepstow to Lower Redbrook (15.5 miles / 24 kilometres):
Before Peggy Wall, Bob Slyker, Heather Roberts, and I started walking the Offa’s Dyke Path, we stayed in the Castle View Hotel in Chepstow. This picture of the first hotel we stayed in during our 15-day hike is a good place to point out that we arranged our trip through NorthWestWalks, a small company based in Wigan. They made all our bookings in hotels, bed-and-breakfast places, and pubs for us, and they also arranged to have our suitcases transported from accommodation venue to venue. The system worked perfectly, and we were very pleased with the arrangements that NorthWestWalks made for us.