Rhodesia, July 1960

On Wednesday afternoon, 13 July 1960, after a three-hour wait at the Birchenough Bridge, Richard and I eventually managed to hitch-hike as far as Fort Victoria, where we spent the night with Mr Minchin, a Barclays Bank manager who’d given me a ride from Kariba to Salisbury the previous December. The following day – Thursday, 14 July 1960 – it took us two rides to get from Fort Victoria to Beit Bridge on some of the few remaining “strip roads” in Southern Rhodesia. This is a photograph that was originally taken on the same road by Colin Weyer and I’m most grateful to him for the opportunity he has provided via his website (www.rhodesia.me.uk) for others to use it. Cars could drive with their wheels on both strips of bitumen when they had long stretches of clear road. However, when cars or trucks came to the brow of a hill or faced oncoming traffic, they had to pull over to the left so that their right-hand wheels were on the left-hand tar strip.