An attempt on Lobuje East, 1991

Friday, 18 October 1991 – Based at Gokyo: … there’s a full-page photo of me taking a photograph of the balloon team’s meteorologists launching three high altitude weather balloons on Friday afternoon, 18 October (after we’d got back to camp following our ascent of Gokyo Ri). I confess, I am not – of course – in any way the focus of the picture that appears on page 87 of Ballooning Over Everest, so I’ve put a red ring round me and an arrow pointing to the tiny figure that’s me. This photograph of the picture on page 87 is also useful for showing the location of our campsite (namely, the brown tents to the left of the middle of the picture) and of the hot-air balloons (which are in red bags alongside their baskets near the bottom of the picture.