Thirteen Formative Years

LIVING IN JOHANNESBURG – 27, 12th Avenue, Parktown North: We moved into our new house at 27, 12th Avenue, Parktown North, a couple of weeks or so before Bobby and Lilian’s youngest son (and my youngest brother), Charles, was born in mid-May 1951. The swimming pool was built in 1959. The huge jacaranda tree to the right of the house and the red bougainvillea growing up the walls outside Bobby and Lilian’s bedroom helped make the large garden especially colourful. In this photograph by Bobby – probably taken in late 1960 – Lilian can just be seen on the left-hand edge of the picture; Charles is standing clutching a towel; and Stuart and I are sitting in chairs near the edge of the house. (Charles, incidentally, preferred to be called Charlie, and I’ll do that from now on in the captions for this web-album.)