Thirteen Formative Years

HOLIDAYS – Drakensberg: I took this photograph on the third day of Stuart’s and my first Drakensberg climbing trip. Looking out from a spot near the summit of Cleft Peak (10,764 feet / 3,281 metres above sea-level), the prominent peaks in the foreground are the Column (on the left) and the Pyramid (on the right). The peaks in the middle distance are, from left to right, the Elephant, the Cockade, the Umlambonja Buttress, Mitre, the Chessmen, the Inner Horn, the Outer Horn (9,859 feet / 3,005 metres), the Bell, and cut off at on the right-hand edge of the picture is a part of Cathedral Peak (9,856 feet / 3,004 metres). Peaks in the Mont-aux-Sources region of the Drakensberg range are visible in the far distance (i.e., above Mitre).