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bbRhodesia 1960

bbKangaroo Island 2008
bbTasmania 2007
bbTasmania 2009
bbTasmania's Overland Track 2009-10
bbsee also Europe 1963
bbOffa's Dyke Path 2015
bbEurope 1963
bbCamino de Santiago 2010
bbPortuguese Caminos 2017
Cuba 2010

France 2012
Mongolia 2005
New Zealand:
bbBelmont Regional Park 2009
bbThe Hillary Trail 2010
bbTe Araro/The Long Pathway 2008
bbFour Peaks High Country Track 2013
New Zealand's "Great Walks":

bbAbel Tasman Coastal Track 1983
bbLake Waikaremoana 1987
bbMilford Track 1996
bbRouteburn Track 1996-97
bbHeaphy Track 2009
bbKepler Track 2012
bbRakiura Track 2012
bbTongariro Northern Circuit 2013
bbPortuguese Caminos 2017
bbCamino de Santiago 2010
bbPortuguese Caminos 2017
United States of America:
bbOhio and its highpoint 2013


My Travel page has hit the road.

I'm now able to make web-based photograph albums. The first six travelogue web-albums that I made (after a few modest experiments, some of which were successful and some of which were not) included photographs taken (a) on holidays that Heather and I have had in Australia, and (b) on some walks that Heather and I have done in New Zealand. Click on the words Tasmania 2007, Te Araroa/The Long Pathway, Kangaroo Island 2008, Belmont Regional Park, Tasmania 2009, or The Hillary Trail – either here or in the side-bar to the left of this paragraph – to go to one or other of these photograph albums. In addition, a copy of a report that I wrote about my November 2005 visit to Mongolia is accessible by clicking on the words Mongolia 2005 (again either here or in the side-bar).

Now that I've retired from full-time teaching and have concluded the consultancies that kept me busy till mid-2012, I have begun the task of creating other travel-related web-albums. I've a huge backlog of projects I want to work on, but I am pleased to say that I have at long last started the process of plugging some of the gaps I want to fill. Projects to which I will be giving priority are in brown type on the left-hand side-bar of this page. In this regard, I'm delighted to report that in mid-April 2013 I completed the first of a series of web-albums I'll be making about New Zealand's "Great Walks". More albums in the series will be coming a.s.a.p. A month later I also completed an album about the Four Peaks High Country Track, which Heather and I hiked together with friends during the 2013 Easter long weekend.

All in all, progress on this part of my website can accurately be characterised as slow but steady. However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are already more than half a million 'words' on these pages for you to peruse and, hopefully, enjoy.

Happy viewing, pleasant reading, and bon voyage ...


Pages in the Travel section of my website were last revised on 15 June 2018.